Our Home Rocks ~ Garden project

The Garden Creation. How to start and finish under Five dollars.


Our home rock starting to paint.

Our home rock starting to paint.


Our Home Rock’s finished project.


The Gnomes that gave me the inspiration.

While walking around the yard, I stumbled upon a couple of rocks… not literally.  I put them under the back deck where they would be out-of-the-way of the mowing path.

I came across my idea while weeding in the front garden and looked upon my garden gnome.  The Gnomes may as well hit me in the head with a garden shovel.

Within a few days I had gathered everything I needed for my creation.  All that was left on my list to complete my project was the paint.  What kind of paint would stay stuck to a rock during all seasons?  I still don’t really know which paint would be best; experiment number 1 would soon begin.  I bought some permanent once dry acrylic paint from the department store for just fewer than five dollars. (Shown in photo above)

I was all set to attack my project, what fun it was.  I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and making this creation really brought back memories. The good old times when I was a teen, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Peace, love and everything that came with it.

My project cost me under five dollars and about an hour and a half of peaceful time. Hopefully my creation will remain in the garden for many years to come as one of the focal points.


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