Quick and Easy Dinner ~ Day Saver


Quick and Easy Dinner ~ A Day Saver 

It’s 6:30 pm, you had to work later than you should have.  Your family is home waiting for dinner and counting on you to fill their tummy’s.  You had something planned but that would take more time than you have.  Oh wait, you suddenly remember that Italian Sausage you fried up after pinching into nickle sized pieces while doing dishes last week. It does not take long to fry up ground Italian Sausage into little meatballs, probably under 10 minuets. You placed it in a freezer zip-lock and stashed it in the freezer for just an occasion like the one you find yourself in right now.

Italian Sausage cooking

Italian Sausage cooking

Once you find yourself walking in the front door and greeted by everyone you seem a little less stressed knowing dinner will be done quickly.  The ready-made pizza crusts sold in grocery stores really aren’t that bad at all.


A jar of pizza sauce also found in the grocery store will be spread over entire crust. After you wash your hands you sprinkle on a little mozzarella cheese, place the precooked sausage and possibly some green pepper, onion and whatever else you have in the fridge.  Bacon, olives, tomato slices and pineapple are just a few food items that you can add.

sprinkle on the Mozzarella Cheese

sprinkle on the Mozzarella Cheese

Looking great already, now you sprinkle the rest of the cheese over the top of everything and whala you’ve created dinner in just minuets along with smiling faces. Today’s busy lifestyle can always use all the help in the kitchen you can get.


Quick and Easy are just what your prepare for when shopping with simple extras to keep in the pantry, they just might  become the Day Saver.pizza photo

If you were lucky enough to get some help with the preparations your time was cut even shorter.  Make sure you cook the pizza following the crust directions and the meat is cooked thoroughly.

~ Terry’s Tip ~

The pizza can be made in advance and put in the refrigerator, and when everyone comes in after trick or treating on Halloween it is ready to go in the oven for dinner.  It will be done about the same time the it takes to change out of the costumes. That would be a welcome trick and an awesome treat.

Enjoy and have a wonderful time being creative.

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