Cleaning Spots

We had just bought our home and had Stanley Steamer come out to clean and sanitize the rugs.  There was one spot they said would probably come back. The bad news is the professional was right, the good news is that he did tell me  how I could remove it if it did.

Spot on the rug.

Spot on the rug.

The only items I needed to clean this terrible spot at the entry to the master bedroom was found at the local Dollar Store.

Items needed for cleaning the rug.

Items needed for cleaning the rug.

You will need a spray bottle which I used an old Windex bottle.  I labeled my bottle and reuse the same one for the same thing.  I would definitely suggest using clean white cloths so no color is transferred onto your rug, and I could actually see what was coming out of the rug. I bought the

Rug cleaned

Clean Rug

white washcloths in a bulk bundle at the Dollar Tree.

There are directions on the back of Totally Awesome for the recommended dilution for cleaning everything.  Spray the solution so that it covers the area you are cleaning and soak or rub it up immediately after spraying. The area of the rug that I was cleaning was fairly large so I did it in sections and repeated the procedure three times. The right bottom corner is a shadow from the dresser, I think it turned out great.

This cleaning project took me about fifteen minuets and just look at the results. I sure hope this inexpensive and easily finished Tuesday Tip helps. If you have any tips that you would like to share please do in the comments, would love to hear from you.

Terry DSCF2772


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