Planting The Garden – Why Coffee Grounds and Egg Shells are a Gardener’s Best Friend!

What is commonly thought of as everyday kitchen garbage is a treasure for your garden.

Old World Garden Farms

It is just about planting time for the garden at the farm.  Well, actually, it already is for some crops like our onions, sugar snap peas, cabbage and potatoes – which all went in the ground this week. But in a few weeks we will be planting the remainder of our big summer garden crops of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini and more – and as always – coffee grounds and egg shells will be a big part of the process.

Growing Rows The growing rows are covered in a rich and thick coat of annual rye – ready to be turned under and planted with this year’s garden crops in a few weeks

I am amazed every year at how much more fertile our soil has become using simple, sustainable and organic practices.  By utilizing cover crops of annual rye each fall, and adding in generous amounts of compost to our growing rows…

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